As a professional studio in the book binding and print finishing industry, being able to make our customers feel proud of their work has always been our reward.

Proudly evolved from our 12 years of book binding services, Cover & Pages has a strong team of experienced crew and a well-equipped finishing studio.


Solidly standing behind every promise, we have invested many hours of hard work into our research and development process. We push the boundaries of ideas and craftsmanship, exploring the very nature of the materials we employ, the physics that lift every structural form of design, and the perspective of the visual and mechanical effect we
challenge to excel.

Hence production utilizes heavy-duty and high-precision machines and tools, the result does make a distinctive difference, delivering sharp, quality work.


Conveniently located in downtown Toronto, our production studio is housed inside an historic building which was built over 120 years ago. Originally a local jam factory in Toronto – that was before the Don Valley Parkway was built - when factory workers would cart over to the Don River for water to
make jam!

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